Verona — Romeo and Juliet


Tours - Verona - Romeo and Juliet (preview)

Italy is the country of emotions, love and romance, also because it is with one of its provinces that the most tragic love story is connected: the story of Romeo and Juliet. This province of Verona is wonderful, beautiful and colourful. This town is so full of architectural structures, world-famous sights and indescribable colours that tourists come here in droves every year. They come to be able to look at the beauties of Verona, enjoy delicious traditional dishes and local wine and, of course, learn the true story of Romeo and Juliet.

Of course, there is no person who does not know the story written by William Shakespeare. Many years have passed, and grief lovers still excite the hearts of people who want to hear about the tragic love of these young men and women from warring families.

I suggest you to take part in a tour that will be filled with genuine facts about Romeo and Juliet. You will find out why their families were enemies, why lovers behaved that way and a lot of other interesting information. In addition, the entire tour will take place in places that are associated with this story.

We will visit the house of Juliet, which today is open to tourists as a museum. You will see the balcony where Romeo came to see his beloved. We will also do a visit to the medieval palace-monastery, where the tomb of Juliet is located.

You will learn a lot of fascinating information, but the real story of lovers will be the most interesting. Verona is a romantic province itself, and when you walk around the places related to this 700 years old love story your emotions will go wild.

Even just walking around Verona is a great opportunity to get acquainted with its ancient architecture and see how the city perfectly combines the medieval spirit and modern lifestyle of local residents.

Excursions and tours are always an ideal opportunity to learn more about the visited city. While in Italy, it will be a real crime for every traveller not to learn more about its wonderful provinces.

And I will be happy to help you with this, conducting various excursions and tours, each of which will be fascinating and memorable for a lifetime.