Verona City Tour


Tours - Verona City Tour (preview)

Verona is a special place in Italy, here all the streets lead directly to the magnificent palaces, magnificent cathedrals and small churches, which have a rich history, there is an atmosphere of romance here — and all this not only thanks to the sorrounding medieval buildings,but also thanks to William Shakespeare. After all, it was in Verona that the events of the love drama of Romeo and Juliet took place.

In addition, the lives of other famous figures and heroes, like for instance, Dante, the Scaliger dynasty and many famous historical and political figures, are associated with Verona. The tour around Verona begins from Piazza Bra, from which you can observe the architectural facades of the Barbieri Palace and of the Gran Guardia. Here you can also look at the old amphitheater and, of course, walk around Verona’s world-famous sidewalk: the “Listone”.

The Verona Amphitheater deserves special attention. At the time when the Romans ruled the province, it was here that gladiatorial battles took place, terrible executions were carried out and the Inquisition bonfires were kindled, and after that, it was in the amphitheater that were held various celebrations, concerts and performances.

When you have enough time to enjoy the atmosphere of Piazza Bra, we will go along street Mazzini to the very house of Juliet, where you can look at the famous balcony. Of course, the tombs that belonged to the powerful Scaliger family should not be forgotten. These tombs are a real masterpiece of the time.

Further, our path lies through a 2000 years old stone bridge connecting the banks of the river Adige. This tour will allow you not only to get closer to the amazing city of Verona and enjoy its architecture, atmosphere and color, but also to visit such famous sights as the Cathedral of St. Anastasia. The majestic temple is made in Gothic style, here you can see the world famous frescoes of Pisanello and Altichiero. Next, Signori Square will be waiting for us, where you will have the opportunity to contemplate the “Captain’s Palace” and the “Loggia del Consiglio”, magnificent art pieces from the Italian Renaissance.

Verona is a wonderful city, there are local attractions at every step, even a walk can enchent you with all the beauties of this wonderful town. The city is green, cozy and rich in architectural treasures, so be sure to go on this tour to spend time in one of the most romantic cities in the world.