Verona and the architect Sanmicheli


Tours - Verona and the architect Sanmicheli (preview)

Italy is one of those countries that offers travellers a variety of tours and excursions. But, if this time your trip takes place on the territory of northern Italy, then you are indescribably lucky. After all, it is here that there are many picturesque and panoramic provinces that present tourists with a huge number of attractions and natural beauties.

In addition, each Italian province will delight guests with delicious dishes and local aromatic wines. Do not hesitate for a moment — take a trip to northern Italy and enjoy the gastronomic delicacies, ancient architectural buildings and beautiful nature that will surround you. And, of course, do not forget about the cheerful locals who are always happy to chat with visitors and are happy to tell them some local legend or story.

One of the most charming and romantic provinces is Verona. During this tour, I suggest you to follow the footsteps of the famous Verona architect Sanmicheli. Arriving in Verona, every traveller passes through the majestic, gorgeous city gate of Port Nuova. Already here you can see the creations of the famous artist, who in the 17th century created this masterpiece. Even today, this gate looks very impressive.

The tour will be fascinating, our route will include the most famous works of the architect. The first attraction we will visit will be the Cathedral of St. Bernardino where you can see the magnificent Pellegrini Chapel. You will also hear a fascinating story about how the chapel was created, and about the difficult character of the customer Pellegrini.

Next, we will go to get acquainted with the works of the master on Avenue Cavour. Here, the creator created for the noble and powerful families of Verona magnificent palaces — Canossa and Bevilacqua. Completed tasks in a strict classic style, with a share of luxury and solemnity. It was in the walls of this palace that dwelt powerful people such as Tsar Alexander II and Napoleon. The interior here is simply magnificent: the walls are decorated with paintings by Raffaello and Tiziano. Also during the tour we can admire the magnificent dome of the church of St. George, which is also a magnificent work of Sanmicheli. In addition, the master partially had a hand in creating the bell tower of the Verona Cathedral, and a luxurious marble balustrade that frames the main altar.