Valeggio and Borghetto


Tours - Valeggio and Borghetto (preview)

Tourists and travelers who love to go on excursions, they enjoy visiting ancient Italian provinces, which allow them to penetrate the medieval spirit and learn more about the history and the culture of this vibrant and dynamic country. During this tour you will have the opportunity to see the truly special city of Valeggio.

The town is located just 25 km from Verona on the banks of the river Mincio. This is where the old district, called Borgheto, is located. This stunning area, is in the list of the most picturesque suburbs of Italy. Because here you can feel a real medieval charm, enchant and fall in love with this city.

The most popular sights of the town are the castle of the famous Scaliger family, the cemetery of the crusaders, numerous mills, ancient churches, palaces and villas. On a very small area of ​​Valeggio, you can see many architectural treasures that will certainly be interesting.

Valeggio is the birthplace of tortellini. Only here this dish can be tasted according to the recipe, which has been passed down from generation to generation for several hundred years. In addition, locals and owners of restaurants and cafes serving this dish keep the secret of cooking tortellini very strictly. What is important for the recepie is that the dough should be almost transparent. The fillings range goes from meat, to pumpkin, spinach, pears, to cheeses and truffles. The combination of products can impress even the most demanding gourmets. In addition, you can add to this some delicious local wine.

This is an amazing city, with a special energy, which sneaks right to the heart. The city has a rich history. Once the 27-year-old Napoleon fled from arrest inValeggio. It was here that the Italian campaign of Suvorov began.

By getting into the city, you will understand why it is thoroughly imbued with mad dynamics, because here the story was going on. In addition, it is here that the surprisingly beautiful Sigurta Park is located, where you can enjoy a million colored tulips and avenues of roses. You will not regret a single moment spent on this truly medieval excursion.

A visit to such a city as Valeggio, will leave you only the most pleasant and vivid memories from a trip to Italy.

Visiting such unforgettable excursions during the holidays is a real pleasure, and you can see that for yourself. And I will gladly give you an unforgettable tour!