The Roman Theater and the Archaeological Museum


Tours - The Roman Theater and the Archaeological Museum (preview)

Italy offers travelers plenty of entertainment opportunities. After all, it is here that a huge number of ancient architectural structures and monuments are concentrated, for which crowds of tourists gather every year. In addition, there is an amazing flavor and atmosphere, it is especially wonderful to spend time in the Italian provinces. Italian cuisine has conquered the whole world with delicacies and traditional dishes. Not to mention the picturesque panoramas that take your breath away.

This is a country of bright colors, indescribable emotions and new experiences. They are like a fresh sip into your daily life.

Just taking part to some excursions will give you the opportunity to see all the charms that are presented by such a wonderful province as Verona.

I suggest a tour where we will visit the Roman Theater and the Archaeological Museum.

Infrequently there is an opportunity to visit such an old structure. You can sit in the theater itself, which was used in the 2nd century BC. The atmosphere here is unusual, the energy is very strong, which is not surprising, because for 2 thousand years the theater has seen so many historical periods and events that this could not but affect the local energy.

The theater is located on the picturesque hillside of St. Peter. The decoration of the theater is unusually beautiful. Numerous statues, fountains, alleys and terraces, strewn with lush greenery, created an amazing atmosphere at that time. Noble people sat in front of the stage, everyone wanted to get to the play, but not everyone succeeded.

Today you can visit the Roman theater if you purchase a ticket to the Archaeological Museum, which is located in an ancient monastery. In the museum you can see many old exhibits, among which there are decorations from the theater. Archaeologists excavated the theater many times, and each time they managed to replenish the collection with new unusual exhibits, which are still kept in the museum.

You can see bronze figurines, ancient mosaics with different paintings depicting the battles of gladiators and the life of the Romans. You can look at the amazing dishes of that time, columns and many interesting things.

Do not doubt that the tour will be informative and interesting. Looking at the life how it was 2 thousand years ago through the exhibits of the museum is an interesting sight that will give you a lot of pleasure!