Tasting tour in the Franciacorta Valley


Tours - Tasting tour in the Franciacorta Valley (preview)

Italy is one of those countries that offers travellers a variety of entertainment and excursions. This tour will appeal to those who want to enjoy the stunning picturesque paintings of the Italian provinces, and at the same time make them breathe the colour, the atmosphere of the country and, of course, try the amazing sparkling wine from the Franciacorta Valley.

The Franciacorta Valley is truly fabulous. The population began to engage in winemaking in ancient times, as evidenced by archaeological finds during various expeditions. Here you can still feel the spirit of antiquity and primitiveness, adding even more charm to the picturesque panoramas that will surround you.

The history of winemaking here is so rich that such serious historical periods as the manifestation of the Celts and Romans passed, and each population left its cultural heritage here. But it was the Romans who gave the Franciacorta Valley the biggest boost. They began to build new cities, strengthen settlements, build luxurious villas. These places became so imposing that the valley turned into a real commercial, cultural and agricultural centre.

Livestock, agriculture and fishing flourished here. In addition, local artisans were great traders. Life here was in full swing and seething during the period of Roman rule.

During our tour you will be able to get acquainted with the traditions and customs of these places. You will hear local legends, myths and fascinating stories. And the surrounding panoramas will envelop you with a haze of fairy tales and magic.

In addition, during the tour you can enjoy luxurious villas, ancient temples and ancient castles. You will also learn a lot of historical facts about each of them. And finally, of course, we will take part to an amazing tasting of Franciacorta wine, which gained its popularity and the opportunity to be called Italian champagne.

The tour will last all day long, and our journey will end in a cozy town located on the shores of the lake Iseo. Here we can visit three wine cellars of the Franciacorta area. The trip promises to be interesting, emotional and rich in beautiful panoramas of the Italian province. Good wine will only add bright colours and unforgettable emotions to everything!