Sirmione — The pearl of the lake


Tours - Sirmione - The pearl of the lake (preview)

If you want a full immersion in the fabulous and magical atmosphere of the Italian towns, then a trip to Sirmione is exactly what you are looking for. This island is locally called the “pearl island”, just like the poet Gaius Valerius Catullus called it.

Despite the fact that he called the pearl of the southern part of Lake Garda a pearl, every corner of it, every coast and island is a fantastic creation of nature. The peninsula of Sirmione is 4 km long and 120 m wide, but in its narrowest place. Despite the fact that it is very small, there is something to see. And visiting Sirmione, you will understand why the locals are in love with him, and you can not remain indifferent to him.

In the first place, nature and atmosphere attract travelers from all over the world, but also the climate of the peninsula is very seductive.

In the Romanesque period on the island stood the settlement of Sermio Mancio. The latter, left most of the cultural heritage, attractions and architectural structures which tourists come to see.

In ancient times, the peninsula was perfectly protected, and everyone knew about it. When the city came under the influence of the powerful Scaliger family, buildings, towers, large fortresses and other fortifications were erected in Sirmione. In the 15th century, the Venetian Republic fully took control of a tiny settlement on the island.

Today Sirmione is one of the most dynamic and vibrant resort provinces. People come here to look at the Romanesque ruins, to enjoy the panoramas of the lake Garda and just to plunge into the enveloping atmosphere of Sirmione. Each street, each building here is unique and beautiful, but especially picturesque is the beautiful harbor with its clear water, in the reflection of which you can see the castle framed by dense greenery. During the tour, you will learn many local legends about these wonderful places.

Sirmione is another piece of the Italian paradise. It harmoniously combines beautiful natural panoramas and ancient architectural structures. A visit here will leave you the best impressions, memories and positive emotions.

A fabulous journey awaits you, during which you will meet one of the most wonderful peninsulas, where you will find a lot of fascinating stories, a good mood and a pleasant company.

Come to Italy, be acquainted with its culture, history and traditions and visit the most fascinating places. I will be happy to help you with this!