Sirmione and Valpolicella wines


Tours - Sirmione and Valpolicella wines (preview)

For travelers who come to the amazing Italy, the real crime is not to attend excursions that allow you to get acquainted with the traditions, history and architectural treasures of the country. The provinces, the small cities of this country are the best examples of the Italian culture and of its flavours.

The small town of Sirmione — the pearl of Lake Garda, is certainly worth a visit. This tour allows you not only to be acquainted with this charming city, but also to visit Valpolicella wine places.

Sirmione is one of the brightest and most popular sights of Italy, it is here that world celebrities come to take a walk during a romantic sunset through the old streets and to taste delicious Italian wine. Today, Sirmione is not only a popular resort, which is located on the coast of the panoramic Lake Garda, it is also a city that can tell a lot about the history, traditions and culture of Italy.

The city has a rich and deeply rooted ancient history. That is why a lot of those who saw Sirmione remember an unusual atmosphere. The latter here is truly fabulous, it’s impossible to describe the charm of the city with mere words, you definitely need to wander through its streets, to look at the fantastic panoramas, to enjoy the aroma of olive groves and to communicate with the locals.

All this will bring you a lot of pleasure, but do not forget that this tour will not end with just a sightseeing tour of Sirmione — we still have to head towards the beautiful and green Valpolicella valley. It is here that you can enjoy delicious sausage cuts, noodles with unusual liver fillings and grilled corn with cheese. For dessert, not only delicious cupcakes and sand cake will be served, but also an aromatic wine.

This is the perfect end to any excursion, when you can enjoy not only delicious food, but also world-famous Italian wine — all surrounded by incredible panoramic views.

In addition, during the tour, professionals will be able to tell you which wine to drink with which dish, and which cheeses are suitable for individual varieties of this wine. Trips to these places are never boring and dull. You will find a lot of positive emotions and the most vivid impressions that you can take home with you. Do not hesitate; this will be your best holiday in Italy!