Salò — The little Athens


Tours - Salò - The little Athens (preview)

Would you like to experience the charm of the romantic Italian provinces? Then an excursion to the small town of Salò is an ideal option for the trip.

This town is called «little Athens», once you get here, you will understand why. The town is located in a picturesque bay. In the northern part of the city is Mount San Bartolomeo — majestic, strict, it prevents cold winds from entering the city. This allows the town to maintain an incredibly mild and warm climate.

This is a resort town, surrounded by green hills and the fragrance of olive groves. Travelers love Salò because there is no fuss. Despite the fact that this is a popular touristic centre, by getting here, you will be imbued with a calm, harmonious atmosphere.

Beautiful bays with azure waters that extend along the west coast are incredibly beautiful. There is everything a tourist can wish for: majestic mountains, emerald beaches and a pleasant climate. It seems time stops here. Once in Salò, you will not want to leave these beautiful places.

The history of the city of Salò dates back to the Roman period, as evidenced by archaeological finds during one of the expeditions. The territory of the city was inhabited by the settlement Salodium. The city was a kind of transhipment point where trade between Germany and Italy was regulated. In the 14th century, the city of Salò was designated the capital of a small association of states of the Salò Riviera. When the town fell under the influence of the Venetians, culture and architecture began to flourish in it. In 1943 — 1945, Mussolini made the Italian Socialist Republic out of the town. Here you can watch the stunning Cathedral, with a rich history, which will be interesting to listen to.

The tour allows you not only to enjoy the natural beauties of these places, but also to learn many interesting facts about this wonderful and beautiful city. In addition, you will have the opportunity to make a combined tour and visit not only the city of Salò, but also other small towns near Lake Garda and their popular architectural structures and attractions.

Do not sit still in the hotel while relaxing; learn more about the wonderful country of Italy, its history and unusual culture!