Tours - Peschiera (preview)

Travelers and tourists from all over the world come to Italy, there are many reasons for this. The first reason is the architectural treasures located in the country, which are among the most popular attractions in the world. The second reason is the incredible flavour and mentality of Italians, and the energy and dynamics of local residents cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Not to mention the amazingly delicious cuisine, Italian wine and, of course, the magnificent nature that Italy offers its guests. And this is not all the reasons that attract tourists to Italy. Want to get to know the provinces of this amazing country? Then this excursion will be a suitable pastime.

Lake Garda is one of the most beautiful corners of Italy, in the southeast of the lake is the small town of Peschiera. These places have a rich history starting already in 1300 BC. It was on the territory of this island-fortress that an important commercial and industrial center was located, where bronze products were made. At that time, local artisans were real craftsmen, for these reasons they were able to trade with the cities of Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

The culture and development of the city was influenced by many historical periods and the rule of famous figures. Therefore, a walk through the historical center will be very exciting and informative. In addition, there is a really particular church, which was built on the site of an ancient pagan temple.

There are many attractions that deserve the attention of a tourist. Despite the fact that the city is very small, it has something to show and something to share with his guests. In addition, it was in Peschiera that one of the most amazing and influential historical meetings took place when the barbarian Attila met with Pope Leo I. This happened in the fifth century.

Also, these places are famous for surprisingly delicious fish dishes that are traditional. A lot of bright emotions, impressions and only a good mood, both during the tour and after it, you will be guaranteed.

Spend more time visiting various excursions. Only they will give you the opportunity to feel the spirit and color of the Italian provinces. You can learn amazing local legends, interesting facts and look at the most picturesque corners of Italy.

And I will become your guide to the medieval town, where I will tell you a lot of interesting information.