Park Sigurtà


Tours - Park Sigurtà (preview)

Italy is one of those countries that give to travelers and tourists a full set of vivid emotions and impressions. But, for nature lovers who wish to enjoy beautiful flowers, lush green alleys and inhale the fragrance of coniferous trees — a trip to Sigurta Park will be just perfect.

The park spreads on a territory of 60 hectares of land, not far from the romantic and charming Verona. Sigurta Park is one of those places that became famous not only for its architectural landmarks, but also for its unusual, rare plants and flowers.

An atmosphere of harmony, tranquility and romance reigns here; every traveler who arrives in Italy should definitely visit this place. One of the busiest periods is the time that goes from March to April, when only here one can see the flowering of 1 million tulips, of various color palettes. But do not be upset if the beginning of spring is not good for you. Autumn can delight you as well with a stunning avenue of 30.000 red roses. The summer period will provide you with amazingly beautiful lotuses that bloom in 18 panoramic ponds of the park.

In addition, the park has a museum where you can look at the records of Nobel Prize winners scientists such as Fleming, Waxman and Albert Sabina; the latter ones loved to walk in this park along its shady avenues.

In the park there really is a lot to see, not falling in love with its beautiful, bright alleys with flowers, lush trees and figured fountains is simply impossible. But there is one more pearl in the park: the Hermitage. This is a small cathedral, which allows travelers to explore the small garden, where you can see samples of medicinal herbs and stunning sundials.

Also in the park you can visit the labyrinth of boxwood. For assertive guests there is an opportunity to overcome 1500 bushes and go to the observation deck. From here, you can see beautiful landscapes and natural paintings.

Since the park is extremely wide, tourists can rent a bike or an electric car, also you can take a ride on a small train.

After walks and aesthetic enjoyment of flowers, plants, you can stay in a small settlement of Valeggio sul Mincio, where you will have the opportunity to taste traditional Italian dishes. It is here that they serve amazingly delicious tortellini, the recipe of which is still secret.

The tour will be amazingly colorful and vibrant. Park Sigurta will leave you good memories like no other place!