Mini cruise on Lake Garda with a tasting on board of a yacht


Tours - Mini cruise on Lake Garda with a tasting on board of a yacht (preview)

Having gone on vacation in Italy, every tourist understands that this is a country of great opportunities for any traveller. There is absolutely everything here! For what concerns free time, for example, a lot of various tours and excursions are a good idea.

One of these excursions that will leave you with a lot of impressions and good emotions is a mini-cruise on Lake Garda, where a tasting will be held on board of a comfortable, luxurious yacht. This is a very vivid and unforgettable adventure, during which you will learn a lot of interesting information about the tastings of this wine. At the same time, you can enjoy the stunning panoramas that will surround you. This is one of those excursions that will appeal to absolutely everyone — couples, newlyweds and cheerful noisy companies.

Watching the coastline, the beauty of which has no equal, is already a great pleasure.

In addition, during the tour we will visit the most popular and beautiful architectural and natural attractions of Lake Garda. This lake is called the treasure and the pearl of Italy. Azure water, picturesque villages with friendly locals who are happy to welcome and chat with tourists, indescribable dynamic energy and only a good mood — all this will be waiting for you during this tour!

This is an ideal opportunity to truly have a fabulous time and enjoy the maximum relax. Not to mention the fact that a trip on a yacht is itself a small adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. A tasting of delicious Italian wine, interesting facts about winemaking will only complement your trip with good mood and interesting stories.

Do not doubt that this is exactly the excursion that every tourist needs in order to magically spend time in vibrant and colorful Italy. You will take away with you only the most pleasant memories, excellent mood and a lot of interesting and useful information that you will learn during the tour. And beautiful photographs on the background of the wonderful panoramas of Lake Garda will always remind you of a wonderful vacation.

Spend time on vacation fun, unusual and informative. Only then will your journey be filled with emotions that will last for a long time, reminding you of a wonderful vacation in the incredible country of Italy.