Medieval Verona — Captains Quarter


Tours - Medieval Verona - Captains Quarter (preview)

There is no person who doesn’t know about the emotional and romantic city of Verona, and about the most dramatic love story in the world, Romeo and Juliet. During this tour, I suggest you to visit medieval Verona.

Our journey will begin on the central Piazza delle Erbe, and end in the old district of St. Zeno, outside the walls of the fortress. The tour will be full of visits to attractions, amazing stories and good mood. Want to know how many parish churches were in the city? Find out why many of them disappeared, were rebuilt, and how did the city manage to keep some of them to this day? Then this tour is what you need.

You will learn the story of the powerful adviser Signor della Scala — Spinete Malaspina. In addition, you will hear about court intrigues, military campaigns, politics, diplomacy and the trade routes of Verona, as well as many other interesting and informative facts.

If you didn’t know something before the excursion, then during the trip you will fill in all the gaps. Also during the tour we will be able to walk along the ancient stone streets and picturesque courtyards, many of which are not available in the usual tourist routes.

In addition, you will see one of the most beautiful Renaissance portals in Verona. You will also see several magnificent palaces that belonged to the noble and powerful families of Verona, whose decoration captivates the eye, and the lacy marble balconies amaze with their splendour.

During the tour I will tell you legends, in addition, you will hear interesting facts about the churches of San Giovanni in Foro, Sant Eufemia, San Benedetto and San Zeno. In some cathedrals we can look closer at their inner wealth.

Do not doubt that this tour will be not only informative and eventful, but also very exciting. It is better to get acquainted with Verona, walking along its old streets. Then you can not only listen to interesting stories of the guide, but also observe with your own eyes the magnificent architectural structures that harmoniously combine with the modern life of the locals.

During the walk you will find a good mood, a lot of positive emotions and impressions that you will take home with you. I will be happy to give you this excursion and share with you a good mood and the most vivid emotions.