Tours - Malcesine

Want to make your holidays in Italy a little diverse and original? Want to get to know the Italian provinces, their culture and traditions? Then this tour is ideal for you.

During the tour you can look at the stunning medieval town, which is located in the north of Lake Garda. The local scenery is breathtaking. Here, the azure of the lake is in harmony with the green foot of the mountain range. And the mountainsides offer the fragrant fragrance of olive groves, flowering oleander and lush, emerald cypresses.

The views here are truly fantastic, it is impossible to take your eyes off them. It is from here that you can climb the cable car to a height from which amazingly beautiful panoramas open. This town has a rich history, despite the fact that it is quite small. It was on the territory of Malcesine in ancient times that the Romans lived, whose tombs are now stored in a museum in Verona.

In addition, an incredible and surprising fact is that in the 16th century, the Franks imprisoned all the locals in the city. There are mystical and amazing legends and myths here, time in Malcesine stopped in the Middle Ages. Only here you can be imbued with an amazing spirit that is in the air. And here you can see an amazing collection of paintings, which is located in a small local church.

You can also see amazingly beautiful sculptures. And it is here that the holy relics of the hermits Caro and Benigno are stored. Here is the narrowest street in the world, there is a lonely medieval castle, whose history is shrouded in a mystical haze. The city is so amazing and rich in cultural monuments, popular attractions and many interesting facts and legends that you will not be bored to hear.

You will spend your whole excursion with bated breath, and for a long time you will be impressed by visiting the local main treasures. During the tour, you seem to be transported in time, where harmony and tranquillity envelop from the first minutes of your stay.

Do not doubt that you will be very impressed by attending this tour. And I will tell you a lot of amazing local legends and interesting information.

It is visiting various excursions that allows you to get acquainted with the traditions, history and mentality of the country. Do not miss this opportunity and visit one of the most magical towns located on the mysterious Lake Garda.