Tours - Lazise (preview)

In order to fully learn the rich history, culture and traditions of a country like Italy, you certainly need to visit its small provinces. This is the best way to tell and show the essence of this wonderful country.

The unusual Italian town of Lazise is located on the coast of the magnificent Lake Garda. It is surrounded by walls, which were built in the Middle Ages. The majestic castle of Scaligers, with its impenetrable towers and large walls, speaks of how powerful was the family that owned the building.

This small town was a very important and remarkable center during the period of the Roman Empire. The remains that were here found by archaeological excavations are a proof of this. Here, among the historical artifacts, were found Roman coins, tombs and ruins of ancient Roman mansions.

During the Venetian rule, there was a small flotilla on the lake. The port included the customs and a shipyard. The customs building is preserved and certainlly is a point of interest. In the port is located a small church of the 12th century, which was built in the period of the Commune. The church is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors and travelers — Saint Nicholas.

There defintelly are somep interesting places, despite the fact that the territory of the town of Lazise is not so big. The city has a stunning, colorful embankment, at the end of which stands the luxurious villa Pergolana, which is immersed in greenery, lush cypress trees and fragrant flowers. The villa isn’t allowed to tourists, but even from the outside one can understand how luxurious and beautiful it is.

The winding old streets, the medieval atmosphere and spirit, cheerful and friendly locals — all this will be waiting for you during this amazing excursion. Learn more about the colorful country of Italy, getting to know it through the provincial city of Lazise, ​​which will be able to show you the ancient spirit of the Italians, present ancient architectural monuments and tell the incredible story of each city and village.

In order to get to know Italy and to know it for what it really is, you need to visit numerous tours and excursions. Indeed, during the tour you can learn a lot of interesting facts, discover the veil of legends and ancient history, and simply can immerse yourself in the authentic life of the Italian provinces. What else can a real traveler want? Of course, look at Italy in all its glory!