Following the Templars in Verona


Tours - Following the Templars in Verona

Who does not like secrets and riddles that have been kept unbroken for centuries? Italy is known for the story of one of the most mysterious and mysterious orders of all time — the Templar Order. There are still many myths and legends associated with this secret order.

Some say that they were knights. Others say they were hypocritical monks. And others say that the most wise figures of the time were members of the Templar Order.

Verona provides tourists with the opportunity to open the veil of secrecy of the order, which has been carefully preserved for centuries. In addition, it is in Verona that the only burial place in the world is located, which belongs to Arnaldo di Torroja, who was the great master of the Templars. In 2018, his sarcophagus was opened, scientists learned many mysterious and interesting facts about the life of this powerful person.

The life and work of this religious order is shrouded in such a mysterious haze that it is still not possible to find out how much wealth it possessed. During this tour we will go through places associated with the Templar Order. The route will be eventful and exciting.

You will learn a lot of interesting things about the history of the order, its symbolism and the fateful figures of the Templars. The story of the Grand Master Jacques de Molay, who was condemned to burn at the stake, will be fascinating and mystical. The atmosphere during this tour will be simply indescribable.

You will plunge into the Middle Ages, at the time of knights, kings, Crusades, heroes and at the time of great feats. The influence of the Templars at that time was very large, they were powerful and mysterious. They left a huge legacy of Christian relics, which number more than 30 thousand units. In the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Paradiso, you will have the opportunity to look at the collection of relics of the Knights Templar.

Do not hesitate, the tour will be truly amazing. Sometimes it feels like exchanging the grey, ordinary everyday life for something new, incredible and fantastic. And you will have such an opportunity — you will plunge into the history of the Knights Templar, find out secret, mysterious facts that have been hidden for many centuries.

You will find an amazing journey through the places that are associated with this great historical order. Enjoy every minute spent on this tour, because nowhere else can you get such vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions.