Excursion on Island Lake Garda


Tours - Excursion on Island Lake Garda (preview)

Italy should change its name into “paradise on earth”. If you want to get there, then the stunningly beautiful island of Garda, which is located near the San Virgilio Peninsula, will be just what you need.

The island is surrounded by rocks, and on the hills there are lush green cypress trees, which perfectly complement the stunning picture of the entire coast. The island is a territory where you can get only with a guide, because independent access to travellers is closed there. This is exactly what you can do with me.

Garda Island is magical and fabulous. Getting here, it seems that you are in a toy world. On the shore are majestic cliffs and small bays. Green hills with lush cypress trees harmoniously complement the overall picture.

It’s like having the impression that you were transported to ancient times, when various religious ceremonies were held right on the rocks. It was here that fishermen came from other shores of the lake. The small territory of the island gives it even more charm. During the Roman rule, people lived on the island, and in the Middle Ages, Charles the Great presented the island as a gift to the monks from Verona.

The small territory of the island is vastly rich in culture and history. In addition to numerous pirate raids, the island is popular for the fact that Dante Alighieri was sent in exile here.

Today, the most popular building on the island is Villa Cavazza. The palace was named after its owner, who today is the owner of a great building.

The island of Garda combines everything necessary for a tourist: dense lush greenery, rich history, stunningly beautiful panoramas and amazing atmosphere. Going on an excursion to this island, you will get a lot of great emotions.

An adventure on the island of Garda, during which you can see its most popular attractions and natural beauties, will not leave anyone indifferent. You can enjoy picturesque paintings, architectural buildings in the Venetian style and indescribable energy, which can only be found on the island of Garda.

And I will be happy to tell you local traditions, legends and many interesting facts about these places.