Estate «Vittoriale»


Tours - Estate Vittoriale (preview)

This, is the tour on which you can feel the spirit of the famous poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. Villa Vittoriale stands on a green hill from which incredible and breathtaking panoramas can be seen. Rich green colors of the olive trees and oleander fragrances surround the stunningly beautiful villa. The picturesque landscape stretches to the Lake Garda and to the peninsula of Sirmione.

Just the views of this place are worth a visit. Not to mention the luxurious villa, which resembles a small country museum. The villa is located in a surprisingly picturesque place, due to the green frame, it looks even more charming and more attractive. The lush green vegetation creates an atmosphere of magic like a fairy tale.

Palm trees, roses, laurel and wisteria can be found in the park of the villa. It was this indescribable energy that inspired the poet D’Annunzio. He lived here since 1921. The writer was so impressed with the local beauty and panoramas that he stayed here until the end of his days. The brothers Maroni built the mansion, they managed to make an amazing, luxurious residence from the estate, which stands on the shore of the most beautiful Italian lake.

Not only architecture, but also the energy itself creates a mystical haze here. The writer who lived here left his mark on the history of the mansion. Once you’re here, it seems that you are transported to a mystical and fantastic estate, where beautiful maidens roam in gardens, little dwarfs run along well-groomed paths, and beautiful fairies hide in trees. Here you can enjoy not only the beauty of nature, stunning views of the lake, but you can also truly feel the amazing energy that sneaks to the depths of the soul.

This is exactly the place that can inspire and that turns the vision of fantasy. Good mood, positive energy and stunning natural beauty around the villa will be waiting for you at the entrance of this excursion.

Allow yourself to rest not only with your body, as well as with your soul. Get aesthetic pleasure by watching the panoramic pictures of Lake Garda, listen to the amazing stories about the famous Gabriele D’Annunzio and just enjoy your stay in such a beautiful place.

Excursions will help you to get closer to Italian history, of its provinces, as well as of famous figures. Spend time in this colorful country, discovering its new facets!