Tours - Bardolino (preview)

All Italian towns and provinces, which are located on the shores of the picturesque Lake Garda, are unique and special in their own way. All of them certainly deserve the attention of every traveler who wishes to be acquainted with authentic villages and with the flavors of ancient Italy.

One of these wonderful excursions will be visiting the ancient city of Bardolino. This city is famous not only for its beautiful panoramas, but also for its old buildings and fortress walls, which were erected during the reign of Berengario. When the rule of the famous Verona family of Scaligers arrived, the city walls were fortified, and large towers and central gates were erected nearby. The atmosphere and energy in the city are imbued with the ancient spirit. It gives the impression that you are transported in time when merchants roared in the markets, and traders and anglers roamed the streets.

This city is truly wonderful and magical, and you should definitely get to know it better. It is in this city that you can see the old church of St. Nicholas, whose walls are decorated with drawings of the famous architect from Verona Bartolomeo Giuliari. It is from these places that leads the road wine of Bardolino.

Here, on the territory of an old winery, which belongs to the same family since more than a hundred years, opened a wine museum. You will learn many interesting facts about winemaking and about the ancient traditions of creating this tasty and aromatic drink. At your request, during this excursion we will be able to attend a wine tasting while tasting traditional products.

In addition, you will learn how to match wine and food. Also very close to Bardolino is another interesting museum specialized in olive oil. Olive oil is the second most important product in the province. Olive oil has been produced on the shores of Lake Garda for 2,000 years; recipes of creation have been transmitted from ancient times.

In addition to the fact that in the museum you can look at ancient machinery that were used to create oil. The museum also sells cosmetics, soaps and creams, which are made on the basis of local olive oil.

Excursion will be rich, interesting and unique. You will discover another wonderful and atmospheric corner of Italy, a country with which is impossible not falling in love with. Take excursions that allow you to get closer to the provinces of this magical place!