Private guide on Lake Garda

Travelers who come to rest in Italy have an amazing opportunity to go to the incredibly picturesque Lake Garda. This is a truly amazing place, there are many small towns, each of which is unique in its own way. But only a guide on Lake Garda will be able to organize your pastime in such a way that during the holidays you will not miss anything important, visit the most popular and beautiful sights and enjoy your stay in these magnificent places.

What awaits you on Lake Garda?

Every tourist needs a guide on Lake Garda to relax as much as possible, enjoy the surrounding landscapes and breathe a fresh sip of new emotions. But this is not all that a guide can offer to its guests. Lake Garda provides its guests with a lot of beautiful places and legends; it was here in ancient times that famous figures, poets and architects came to rest.

The guide will also tell you more about each of them, about the provinces and a lot of other interesting information. Lake Garda will certainly inspire you, as for hundreds of years it has inspired all guests arriving here.

An English-speaking guide on Lake Garda is a solution for those who do not know the language. Sometimes a language barrier can spoil the impression of being in an unfamiliar country, and an English-speaking guide on Lake Garda can dispel your fear of being misunderstood in a new city. English-speaking guides on Lake Garda are always a big plus for those tourists who have arrived in the country for the first time, who want to get to know it as closely as possible and want to learn about her culture, history and traditions.

The lake is large and picturesque, but, besides everything, its main attraction is its natural beauty; on its banks there are many architectural structures, historical treasures, which Italy is so famous for.

What else to see and taste?

Lake Garda will provide traveler with lots of emotions, good mood and a huge number of attractions that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. An English excursion with a guide, in addition of being bright and interesting, will be able to take you to the best restaurants so that you get acquainted with another side of the Italian provinces: traditional cuisine.

These dishes attract gourmets from all over the world, because who doesn’t want to taste Italian wine with delicacies while enjoying the magnificent panoramas that will open before them? From the first minutes of your stay here, you will immediately fall in love with Northern Italy. You will enjoy absolutely everything: beautiful panoramas, the best tour guide and Lake Garda. You can read reviews about tours and visiting the local provinces on my site, as well as many other useful information for tourists.

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