Guide in Valpolicella

Would you like your holidays in Italy to be as varied and original as possible? Do you want to discover a new side of this country, which is saturated with aromatic wines of Italian provinces? Then the Valpolicella guide will gladly organize various excursions for you, during which you can get to know this fabulously beautiful valley closer.

What awaits you in the valley?

Your guide in Valpolicella will conduct unforgettable tours and excursions, during which you will be surrounded by incredibly picturesque natural panoramas. The English-speaking guide in the Valpolicella region will tell you how far in centuries the history of this wine drink goes.

In addition, the English-speaking guide in Valpolicella will tell you many amazing stories, for example, how in ancient times famous figures liked to rest here: writers, poets, architects, military leaders, kings with their retinue, they all came here to enjoy the amazing panoramas that these places are full of. Also, of course, they came here to taste the incredible wines of local production.

What wines to try?

English-speaking guides will talk about all this and much more. Valpolicella is an amazing place that gives travelers the opportunity to try its most prestigious wines. Do not doubt that the excursions here will be very exciting and original. Since ancient times, Valpolicella is famous for its winemaking, wine drinks with various intense aromas, such as: raspberries, tobacco, spices, almonds and chocolate.

This divine drink truly reveals its taste; it is for its sake that travelers from all over the world come. You will like everything here: a licensed guide, Valpolicella and the wine tastings, all that a traveler’s soul desires.

But this is only a small part of what the guide in Valpolicella has to offer, reviews on visits to the region and a lot of other useful information can be seen on my website.

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But, no matter what tour you choose, you will find a lot of pleasure and bright emotions. After all, these beautiful and magical valleys are accustomed to give travelers emotions and magic.

The trip will be full of sightseeing of architectural structures and natural beauties; you will not regret your Italian adventure for a second.

Do you want to diversify your vacation so that it will remembered for a lifetime? Then a trip to this amazingly beautiful valley will be just what you need. And I will be happy to keep you company and tell you a lot of interesting information about the local places, attractions and winemaking.