About Me

Greetings! My name is Eugenio Golovko, and I want to tell you a little about myself and what I can offer to tourists in Italy.

I came to Italy in Soviet times (where I was born, grew up and received a philological education). Italy immediately struck me with its hospitality, fell in love with color, diversity and became my home.

The tourist, in pursuit of sights, does not notice much. My goal is to open for You a colorful, rich in monuments of culture, architecture, with a rich history of the country. In addition, I will tell you about the diverse cuisine and the age-old traditions of winemaking in Italy.

Guide service

English-speaking guide to Italy is not uncommon — more than 50 million tourists come to the country every year.

I, as a licensed guide in Italy, conduct tours / excursions throughout the North:
  • Group tour / excursion — conducted for a group of people on a set route or a given program;

  • Individual (private) tour-conducted on a set / individually designed route only for You and your loved ones;

  • Thematic tour-reflects a certain direction, theme: painting, life and work of a famous person, a certain stage of history, a specific attraction, culinary, wine-making traditions, etc.

A good guide to Italy can turn a simple trip to the Museum into a fascinating journey, and a short sightseeing tour — in an eventful walk. I promise to provide you with an unforgettable stay.

Translation services and not only

Often guests of the country need an escort, not just a guide. Italy is the center of world fashion, the country holds and hosts a great number of international exhibitions and conferences in the field of business. In the field of business tourism can not do without the services of an interpreter. Also important is a comfortable transfer, personal driver services or car rental.

For business travelers who know only Russian language I provide the services of a qualified licensed translator. Accompanying You at an event or during a business meeting, I conduct simultaneous interpretation of spoken and business speech. Besides, I am engaged in translation of documentation of various contents.

I try to develop, improve, expand the scope of activities, to find something new and interesting. That is why I am not only an interpreter, a Russian-speaking guide in Italy, but also a sommelier, because you can not live in Italy and not join the culture of wine consumption.

Tasting each wine has features, subtleties, in compliance with which it is disclosed in full. Knowledge about the culture of consumption of alcoholic beverages, in particular wines, among the inhabitants of many countries, including Russia and Ukraine, is scarce. To change the situation, I offer qualified tasting tours to wineries, dairies, etc.

I conduct exciting tours with wine tasting and traditional dishes in the regions of Italy, during which I am both sommelier and guide. In the North of Italy-it does not matter, each city captivates with beauty, intrigues with history, conquers with its cuisine.

This is not all the services offered by me, the full list is presented on the website, there in the "Contacts" section contains all the necessary information for communication. Contact me if you need an escort, interpreter and guide. Italy is a multi-faceted country, it is always interesting and exciting to learn it!